Focus on landscape of the Western Front

Landscape with 16 figures.
Landscape with 16 figures.

The Kinblethmont Gallery is the venue this month for a moving exhibition called ‘Landscape - The Western Front’

The exhibition carries two bodies of work from two important Scottish artists - James Morrison and Coline Russelle.

James Morrison’s oil paintings of the Somme include ‘Greer McKay - Move Into the Sun’.

He said: “The reasons for making the paintings in this exhibition come from two remarkable women.

“My late wife, Dorothy, was a distinguished historian.

“In the 1980s she was asked by Scottish Television to oversee their schools series of programmes on the Great War, and to write a book to accompany the series.

“Ann Keddie and I became partners in 2006, she being in the same position as myself, having lost her much-loved spouse Ken.

“In 2011 she felt her grandson, Rory, should be exposed to the realities of the 14-18 conflict.

“She also wanted to visit the grave of her great uncle Greer. The whole experience was deeply moving and very sad.

“For me, it brought back to my mind Dorothy’s book and her work on the war.

“When I returned home I was moved to make light paintings, this time in oil paint, of the death and destruction of the landscape and the soldiers.

“This small exhibition is to honour all, on both sides, who died.”

Colline Russelle’s photo-text work – ‘Flanders Fields Revisited’ will also be on display. Colline said: “In 1995 I took part in the Crawford Arts Centre project, ‘LINKS: artist exchange, Scotland – Flanders’, with the WWI battlefields in mind.

“What I found was a situation of madness, a medieval-type siege where the British chose to try and hold control of an area of low boggy ground jutting out into the German front line and surrounded on three sides by positions on higher ground looking directly into the Allied trenches.”

The exhibition will run from Saturday, October 19 until Sunday, November 3 the exhibition, open daily from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., is free to all.

The ‘Land and Landscape – The Paintings of James Morrison’ book launch will be on Saturday, October 18 at 12 p.m. and is free to all.