Flavourful food at Roo’s Leap, Montrose

Roo's Leap
Roo's Leap

When I moved to Montrose there was one restaurant that caught my eye - or should I say tastebuds - and that was Roo’s Leap. An Australian restaurant in Scotland? I had to try this.

Although the food is not strictly from down under, there is an Australian theme inside, with the cuisine more on the tex-mex side. With a large menu there is something for everyone.

I have a wheat and dairy intolerance, which can make eating out tricky. Roo’s Leap have a special gluten-free menu and were happy to make my meals dairy free also. When you have food allergies, it is always comforting when you are given a menu that you know you can order from in confidence.

My fiancé and I headed to Roo’s on a busy Friday night. Despite the large number of seatings, the staff at the Montrose restaurant were very attentive, helpful and had good knowledge of the menu. The food came out in good time with the perfect pace between each course.

To start, I had the Buffalo Chicken wings, which were made dairy-free with a hickory barbecue sauce, which gave them an extra, but very tasty, kick. My partner ordered the Deep Fried Mozzarella, which was the right amount and not too much so that he couldn’t finish his main.

For my main course I had the Jamaican Jerked Chicken. The meat was succulent and the sauce flavoursome, sticky and with a little punch. It paired well with some aromatic rice and seasonal vegetables. The dish came grilled with banana wrapped in bacon. Did I just say banana wrapped in bacon? Yes I did. It was strange but definitely good.

My fiancé ordered the BBQ Pork Rib Dinner. The sauce was sweet and flavourful and the meat juicy and tender, so much so that it fell off the bone with just a fork. No need for a knife or to even get dirty by picking them up with your hands. They were so good that they managed to distract him for more than five minutes from his favourite lager.

For pudding I had mango, lime and blackcurrant sorbet. Roo’s Leap has a wide range of sorbets, a welcome change from simple lemon, which is usually the only dairy-free option. My fiance went for a classic brownie sundae filled to the brim with gooey sauce and soft ice cream.