Fit o’ the Toon Bridge repair almost complete

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WORK to repair the Ladybridge Street bridge is almost complete after it was damaged by a car three months ago.

It was in September that a driver had a lucky escape when his car crashed into the bridge, but fortunately did not go into the Brothock Burn.

The driver of the Ford Fiesta had been returning from football training when he lost control of the vehicle near to the Smugglers Bar and it struck the bridge.

The force of the crash sent concrete blocks from the bridge crashing into the water leaving the car partly hanging over the burn.

At the time of the incident, members of 45 Commando Association were holding a meeting in the Smugglers Bar and rushed out to assist the driver who was suffering from mild shock.

The road and pavement around the bridge has been cordoned off since then as Angus Council tried to source the stone needed to repair the damage.

And last Monday they finally got the remainder of the work under way after taking delivery of the stone.

A council spokeswoman confirmed: “The work to repair the bridge started on Monday, December 5 and was completed on Friday, December 9.

“The damage to the bridge meant that the council had to source new stone – once that was sourced and delivered work got under way.”