Fireworks given more bang for their buck

Fireworks by Amy Hope.
Fireworks by Amy Hope.

The team behind Arbroath’s firework display have welcomed a plan which will see them benefit from crowdfunding.

Crowdfund Angus was launched in Montrose on Tuesday and will help groups like Fireworks for Arbroath in achieving their aims.

Karren Cuthill, chair of Fireworks for Arbroath, said: “We are very privileged to be one of the four pilot projects. We have a ‘keep what you raise’ campaign and we are looking at a target of £2000.

“This amount would add to the money we have already collected to make our display even bigger and even better. Our fireworks company 21CC, who have been used many times in Arbroath before, have said if we reach our target they will give us an extra £1000 of fireworks for free, so that’s an additional incentive. We have interesting rewards on offer.”

Crowdfunding has for some time been the method of choice for projects around the world to use the Internet to fund their startups, and there is great potential there for applying this in Angus.

Karren continued: “The whole idea of crowdfunding is that lots of people make relatively small donations, for a reward, which all adds up to a great target for, in our case, a local not-for-profit good cause.

“Fireworks for Arbroath started with just one passionate woman and a lot of disgruntled people on social media.

“Historically in Arbroath people have been known to be very generous. We really hope that people will get behind us.

“We have just under 700 Facebook members, and if each person put in just £5 we could raise £3500.

“Lots of people have expressed an interest in helping us get our display this year, now is the time to stand up and be counted.”

Angus Council’s economic development spokesperson Councillor Sheila Hands said: “Crowdfunding is a new way for people to raise money, awareness and support for great ideas.

“We’re really excited to support crowdfunding as it has the potential to benefit people, businesses and communities across the county.”