Fireworks For Arbroath need your votes

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Thousands of pounds of funding could be up for grabs following the local firework’s group’s acceptance into the Aviva Community Fund.

Support for the group has come in fits and bursts and but logging in to cast a vote comes at no personal cost and could net the cause up to £5,000 - a figure sure to secure a dazzling show.

There are over 3,000 other causes in the running for the money and the group will compete against other organisations for a share of Aviva’s funding pot.

Fireworks For Arbroath chairperson Karren Cuthill appealed for the town’s support. She said: “The public need to vote for us.

“We could win £5,000 which would greatly enhance our display this year.

“All they have to do is log-in to the Aviva site.

“This is easiest done via their Facebook log-in.

“They will then be given 10 votes to cast.

“This is a way people can help, without any cost to themselves, and it only takes a minute of their time.

“We missed out on money from the Galaxy fund because of lack of support from the public.

“This is a very good opportunity for the community to help.”

To register and vote for the Fireworks for Arbroath cause visit the website at,

Community fund voting closes on May 31.