Father pays tribute to town after son’s death

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THE FATHER of a teenager who died in a tragic accident at Arbroath cliffs has thanked the people of the town for their support since his death.

Lewis Lowe (18) was injured following a fall on May 4 out at the cliffs and despite being rescued he unfortunately succumbed to his injuries.

On Saturday, his dad George, who lives in Belper, Derbyshire took part in a 12 hour darts marathon to raise money in his son’s memory, with the cash being donated from people in Arbroath.

Also travelling from Arbroath to support George in his challenge were Lewis’s girlfriend Sarah Burnett, along with her relatives Angie Burnett, Alan Burnett and Brian Burnett.

And after playing for 12 hours, George raised £600 which will be donated to the Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham, where Lewis attended when he was younger.

George said: “We all had a great day with lots of smiles laughs but also many tears.

“Myself as Lewis’s father can not thank the kind people of Arbroath for sponsoring me to the sum of £600.

“I completed what I set out to do and played the full 12 hours.
“I would really like to thank Sarah’s family for travelling all the way to England to support me and once again all the very very kind people of Arbroath for their generosity.”

Lewis, who was living in the town with his girlfriend was also known by his x-box gaming tag Mr Wolf69 and was a huge fan of the US southern rock group Lynyrd Skynyrd.

And at the end of this month, George along with Lewis’s grandmother and older brother will visit the town and hold a memorial for him.

George added: “Lewis loved to be up on the same level as birds and his favourite song is ‘Freebird’ by Lynyrd Skynyrd who he met two years ago.

“It will be my first visit since his death as we plan to let off lanterns along the cliffs.

“Maybe I will be singing one of Lewis’s favourite songs from the group as we set the lanterns free.”