Far too close for comfort

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This week we return to our series spotlighting bad parking practices in Arbroath with another prime example of thoughtlessness.

These pictures were emailed in by one of our readers who wished to remain anonymous but as you can imagine the driver was left upset, and the lack of response from Network Rail, the van owners, has not improved matters.

Our source wrote: “Further to your recent article regarding poor parking in Arbroath, I would like to show you pictures of inconsiderate parking in the Stanley Street car park, next to Abbey Theatre.

“I often park there as parking is easy and the car park is often not full.

“The incident occurred around three weeks ago and was mid-week, I waited before emailing you as I complained to Network Rail regarding the poor parking of their van and was waiting for their response. As of today (Monday) there has been none.

“Basically I parked my Ford Galaxy and there were spaces at both sides of my car. When I returned to my car access at the driver’s side was not possible as the Network Rail van had parked too close to my car.

“The other photos show how empty the car park was and that I had to climb in via the passenger door side.”

The incident took place on March 25, and complaints were made on March 27 and 30, but the complainant has not yet received a satisfactory response.

The Arbroath Herald contacted Network Rail who are currently looking into the matter, but we had not received a response by the time of going to press.

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