Family of Andy Lawson say tribute will give them “memories for a lifetime”

Andy Lawson's family release balloons.
Andy Lawson's family release balloons.

The family of Andy Lawson, the champion motorbike racer, have spoken of their feelings following a special tribute held on Sunday.

Andy died following a crash at the Ulster Grand Prix last August and a first anniversary memorial event was organised in his honour by the biking community.

The family told the Herald: “Sunday was an absolutely fantastic way of celebrating Andy’s life. We can’t believe a year has passed already and think of him every day. The feelings of support that can be felt, not just by us as a family but by the whole community, when bikers from all over the country come together is extra special, making it an emotional day for all, but giving us some fantastic memories and a beautiful plaque.”

The Anniversary Run held on Sunday in memory of Andy Lawson, who tragically died last year, began with an early gathering at Arbroath Retail Park.

Bikers then headed to a meeting on the Fife side of the Tay Road Bridge at 8.30am with a 9.30am departure for Knockhill Racing Circuit. Once at Knockhill, the organisers had arranged for parade laps during the Knockhill Race Meeting and Andy’s father, Mike Lawson, led the way on one of Andy’s race bikes. In addition, a plaque dedicated to Andy was unveiled, placed on one of the Knockhill posts.

Friend and sponsor George Stewart, from Westhaven, said: “The personal highlight of my day was getting to ride, for the first time, the Suzuki GSR600 that Andy used to win the Manx GP in 2014, but also to see the level of support that was given to Andy’s family by so many. It was an emotional and memorable day and also a very special one.”

That support for the family was hugely appreciated. They said: “We’d like to give a big thanks to everyone who braved the gales to turn up for the run and the track tribute and also to all of those who were there at the unveiling of the plaque and thanks to Craig Shirlaw for his kind words (slightly lost in the wind).

“We’d also like to thank Stuart Gray, Gemma Hobbs and all the officials at Knockhill Racing Circuit for allowing us to go anyway despite the weather. It was a great day and a fantastic tribute to Andy. The plaque itself is outstanding and special thanks must go to John Leech for arranging it and all who contributed to it. The extra money raised over and above of nearly £150 was donated to the Scottish Marshall’s who stayed on through lunchtime to allow us on the track. The family will have these memories for a lifetime.”