Fairtrade town campaign

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MEMBERS of the local Fairtrade steering group met at St Andrew’s Church last Tuesday to plan the way ahead to help Arbroath become a Fairtrade town.

There are specific goals to be met before Fairtrade status is gained. The first of these goals is that the local council passes a resolution supporting Fairtrade, which has already been achieved.

Other targets have also already been met but the steering group will work closely with the community to see if more can be done.

Contact has been made with local businesses, churches and schools and the group hope to raise awareness of where to buy Fairtrade products and to encourage people to try Fairtrade which will help producers to help themselves as they get a fair price for their product.

The Fairtrade status achieved by county, town, schools and churches will help the Scottish Fairtrade Forum to prepare Scotland’s application to become a Fair Trade Nation in 2012.

l Pictured is Mary Reid, leader of the steering group, visiting the Friday Coffee Morning at St Andrew’s Church where they used Fairtrade tea and coffee.