Fairtrade targets work

THE GROUP aiming to make Arbroath a Fairtrade town is urging workplaces to sign up to the scheme.

The Arbroath Fairtrade Action Group would like to see local workplaces use products such as Fairtrade tea and coffee.

And they have six bags of tea and coffee for places of employment that sign the the group’s statement of support for Fairtrade products.

Next Saturday (April 21), local MP Mike Weir will be on hand to get more places to sign up along with Stuart Scott of Fresh Fish and other harbour staff who are supporting the campaign.

The group hope to get more workplaces signed up pledging their support for Fairtrade products in the town.

And the more workplaces that sign up to the pledge, the more it helps the application for the whole of Arbroath to become a Fairtrade town.

The goal is then for every town and city in the country to gain Fairtrade status so that Scotland can become a Fairtrade nation.

Fair Trade is a partnership between consumers in the west and producers in developing countries.

Many of the products that we buy in supermarkets or shops are grown or produced by people who do not get a good deal for their products

The Fair Trade movement was set up to ensure they are paid a proper price.