Fairtrade success for Inverbrothock Primary


INVERBROTHOCK Primary is now officially a Fairtrade school.

Over the last year the school’s Fairtrade committee, staff and pupils have been learning about Fairtrade and promoting it through various events.

They took their first steps towards the status during Fairtrade fortnight where classes learned more the concept.

The school also held many Fairtrade Yummy Cafe events where Fairtrade tea and coffee were sold.

The Fairtrade committee also went on a field trip to the local supermarkets to discover what Fairtrade products were available to purchase and then explained them at a school assembly.

A Fairtrade Treasure Hunt on Arbroath High Street was arranged too and this involved many shops hiding a Fairtrade product in their window and pupils and their parents went from shop to shop to find them all.

All of these events have resulted in the school being recognised as a Fairtrade school and the school says they are proud of the achievements of the committee, staff and pupils.