Facebook to fireworks in less than 12 months

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On November 7, 2014, Karren Cuthill created a Facebook page, ‘Fireworks for Arbroath’, as she wanted to organise something for 2015.

She had noticed the lack of fireworks in Arbroath and suggested on her page that there should be a public meeting to organise fundraising to provide a display in 2015.

Karren said on her page that she did not know how to go about organising such an event but was willing to get the ball rolling with the understanding that others would have to help too.

The idea immediately took off as her Facebook page gained 400 members on its first day. Due to the popularity of the page two public meetings were arranged and Karren recruited a team of four to help organise the fireworks event.

On December 1, the team took part in their first fundraiser - a text Santa quiz - and took home the first prize of £250!

On March 3, the committee had a meeting with the competitive firework company 21CC and received several quotes within the region of £6000. Karren and her team agreed and gave the company a deposit of £600.

Next, the committee had the task of raising £6000 from scratch and Angus Council helped by donating a cheque for £906.

By October 17, ‘Fireworks for Arbroath’ had managed to raise an impressive £2132. Local businesses such as KoKo Bean Cupcakes, Blackadder’s solicitors and Q-ticlez & Tanz, all helped to raise this total by paying £250 each.

Three days earlier, the committee made their last payment to 21CC of £8000. The firework company promised to supply £1000 pounds worth of fireworks for free meaning that Arbroath will have a phenomenal display worth £9000.

Karren Cuthill said: “It’s hard to believe that we have got to where we are in less than a year - from one woman being annoyed on Facebook in 2014 to a fully funded professional community event in November 2015.

“I would like to thank my husband, Angus Council and the good people of Arbroath for their continuous support.”

Arbroath’s first community fireworks display will start at 6.30pm on Saturday, November 7, in the town’s Inchcape Park.