Everything in the garden is rosy

Visitors to Condor's Woodland garden were pictured in front of the commando memorial.
Visitors to Condor's Woodland garden were pictured in front of the commando memorial.

RM Condor was a hive of activity over the weekend thanks to an open day at their memorial gardens and the planting of a special charity rose.

On Saturday and Sunday around 150 people took the opportunity to visit the Woodland Memorial Garden which offers a peaceful place for servicemen and their families to reflect.

Guests on the Sunday were primarily sponsors, families, donors and some VIP guests and marked the first official function in the garden since it opened in November 2011.

A dedication service was held for the planting of the Core Rose on the Sunday and was attended by Mrs Sharon Wigley of Armed Forces charity Shrapnel and Rev. Mike Hill, RN, the driving force behind the new variety of rose.

Members of the public will soon be able to purchase examples of the Core Rose from Shrapnel and the proceeds from these sales will be given to the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund.

During the open weekend around £1,900 in donations were made to the Woodland Garden Trust Fund itself.

Lt Col. Mike Tanner, commanding officer of 45 Royal Marine Commando, was delighted with the way the weekend worked out.

He said: “The aim of the weekend was to open our gates to all those who had been involved in creating the Woodlands Garden, either by their actions or by their charitable donations, bringing them alongside other members of the Arbroath community that had never visited the gardens before and also families of our fallen men (who can visit it at any time).

“The garden looked absolutely wonderful, staggeringly good when you consider that it’s only really seen one summer.”

Y Company, 45 Commando and 7 Battery, Royal Artillery, also took part in the Armed Forces Parade on Saturday celebrating Arbroath’s proud links with the military.