Everyone working together to improve the West Links

THE FIRST step in breathing new life into the West Links was taken on Thursday when councillors agreed to enter into a public/private partnership with business owners in the area.

At the full meeting of Angus Council, members gave the go ahead for the local authority to work together with private business owners at the seafront to revamp the recreational facilities there.

The formal agreement has been drawn up between the local authority and West Links businesses, Kerr’s Miniature Railway and the operators of the snack bar.

The area had come under criticism last year when Councillor Peter Nield labelled it “the worst seafront in Angus”, and pointed out that some of the play equipment was rusty and dangerous.

Since then there have been improvements to the area and it is now hoped the partnership will not only improve the area but attract more visitors to the town.

It is understood that the council has already started to draw up plans for the area, which some business owners have described as “exciting”.

In a report given to councillors, neighbourhood services director Ron Ashton said he hoped that the partnership would improve the experience of the West Links.

He explained: “The purposes of the partnership will be to improve services and the amenity of the area and to offer visitors and the local community a quality integrated leisure experience.

“To achieve this, the council and the private sector operators/businesses will act together to develop the economic, social and environmental potential of West Links.

“Discussions have continued with a number of the private sector businesses in the area and a number of further developments now require consideration by the council.

“These discussions have included the subject of regeneration concepts for ideas for the West Links area.”

It is thought the plans for the area will be revealed to the neighbourhood services committee sometime in the next council cycle.