Weir calls for decarbonisation target

Mike Weir MP
Mike Weir MP

THE UK government has been urged to follow the lead of the Scottish Government and set a decarbonisation target for the energy sector when the Energy Bill returns to the House of Commons.

Angus MP Mike Weir speaking in a debate in the House of Commons expressed concerns at the mixed signals from the UK government.

He stated: “When the energy bill was published the government also published a gas strategy which envisaged a substantial increase in gas power stations. The result of this may mean that the Carbon Budget will be revised upwards rather than down.

“It is not only green campaigners who are calling for a clear decarbonisation target, but also businesses. They are not doing so for sentimental or green reasons but for hard headed business reasons.

“They are considering long term investment in renewables and want to be clear that we will continue to invest in renewable energy in the future, and that their investment will be secure.”

Mr Weir also noted that the renewable industry has the potential to create considerable investment in Angus.

He concluded: “There are plans to install up to 10gw of offshore renewables in Scottish waters, including three off the coast of Angus. This promises not only employment in renewables but a boost for local ports in supplying and maintaining wind farms in the future.”