Trail entrance should remain open

A GRANDMOTHER campaigning to make one of the entrances to St Vigeans Nature Trail safer for road users says Angus Council is being negative by erecting bollards to stop parking.

Last week, we reported that the authority is to place bollards at the entrance to the trail near Colliston Primary.

This was after local woman Sandra Orrock had asked if the council if they were willing to install a mirror to help drivers to see any oncoming traffic when reversing out of the entrance.

And now she says she will no longer be able to take her grandson to the nature trail to walk her dogs after school.

She said: “I also think the council’s decision is very negative and will cause issues for other users.

“All I ever wanted was to be able to use this trail and know it was also safe to leave the entrance with the oncoming traffic.

“If the council go ahead with this decision and knowing there is no place else to park vehicles at this end of the St Vigeans Nature Trail, not only will I not be able to use this trail anymore because of my safety concerns for my grandson, I have also caused other users a problem now as well and this was not my intention.

“This trail is a super place to take children a walk, they get out into the fresh air, the area is a safe environment for them to walk and play.”

Mrs Orrock has now said she would pay for the cost of a mirror to be installed in a bid to let drivers still park their cars at that end of the trail.

She added: “I did think about offering to pay for the mirror myself, and my offer still stands, but obviously, we would need the council to erect this item.

“I am sure this would be more of a positive outcome rather than erecting bollards and the cost would be considerably less with the mirror.”