Rubbish time at Arbroath’s West Links

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ARBROATH councillors have expressed their disappointment at the lack of responsibility shown by sun-worshippers at the weekend towards the award winning beach.

On Saturday and Sunday the Mediterranean weather attracted visitors from near and far to enjoy the amenities at the West Links and the nearby beach front.

However, at the end of each day it was found that beach users had not enjoyed their recreation time responsibly, and left the area a midden heap of rubbish.

Councillor David Fairweather was contacted by concerned members of the public, prompting him to take swift action.

He said: “At ten past eight on Sunday morning I received a call from a member of the public to complain about the state people had left the West Links in after we had a fantastic day on Saturday.

“He wasn’t complaining about the council, he was complaining about the state that was left.

“I called the council and to their credit, within half an hour they had a crew out cleaning up.

“Then at about ten past eight that night I had another call about the mess that the West Links had been left in.”

Councillor Fairweather was dismayed by the repeated disrespect for the beach. He said: “It’s fantastic when we have nice weather that people come down and enjoy the facilities.

“But this is a complete and utter disgrace. We have an award winning beach.”

Arbroath was one of four local beaches to win a coveted Rural Seaside Award from the Keep Scotland Beautiful campaign, which recognises high levels of cleanliness, safety and water quality.

Arbroath has consistently won the Seaside Award since 2010, and according to the organiser this is purely due to the efforts of local groups and Angus Council.

The chief executive of Keep Scotland Beautiful, Derek Robertson, said: “I would like to pay tribute to all the hard work that goes in to achieving and keeping these awards by Angus Council and the local communities, and I would encourage everyone, particularly in this economic climate, to make use of the fantastic beaches we have around the Scottish coast this summer.”

Councillor Donald Morrison, convener of neighbourhood services, added: “Many people took advantage of the exceptionally good weather at the weekend to enjoy visiting our beaches and parks.

“Unfortunately, a large amount of litter was left at West Links, Arbroath, and at Lunan Bay. We organised a litter pick and clean-up at both locations as a matter of urgency this morning [Monday] as there was an issue with smashed glass as well as other rubbish being left in these areas.

“I would ask people to exercise responsibility and either deposit litter in the bins provided, or to take it home with them, to keep these beaches and grassy areas clean for everyone to enjoy.”