Recycling - WEEE can do it!

LOCAL householders are being encouraged by Angus Council to recycle their waste electrical and electronic equipment - or WEEE.

A spokesperson revealed that each Angus resident accumulates three new electrical items each year on average, but only one in five of those will be recycled.

As part of recycling week, which started on Monday and runs until Sunday (June 24), Angus Council aims to cut down on this waste and encourage local people to recycle their WEEE. Items such as kettles, toasters, hairdryers and games consoles, can be taken to any council recycling centre.

The council has joined forces with Repic, established by leading producers of electrical and electronic equipment such as Panasonic, Bosch and Indesit, to deal with discarded electrical products.

Each year Repic finances the recycling of around 50 per cent of all the UK’s electrical and electronic equipment, meaning there is no cost to the council for handling such items.

A representative from Repic will join Angus Council officers at recycling centres during recycling week to promote this scheme and advise householders on what electrical goods can be recycled and what happens to these goods.

Angus Council’s convener of neighbourhood services, councillor Donald Morrison, said: “Across the country, 173 million new electrical items are bought each year, but are discarded once they are broken or unwanted.

“That’s a lot of waste and I would urge Angus residents to dig deep into their lofts, cupboards and basements for all those unwanted and broken small electrical items and recycle them during recycling week.

“Recycling week is all about how by making even the smallest changes will have a cumulative effect, ultimately helping our environment and enabling Scotland to move towards becoming a zero waste society.”

Repic CEO Philip Morton added: “Repic members are keen to maximise the amount of WEEE that is captured and recycled in the UK and this week is a great opportunity to raise the profile of WEEE and get everyone to bring their old items back for recycling.

“WEEE needs proper, safe, environmentally sound recycling and each item properly treated in the UK means one less can be illegally exported to developing countries where it can lead to exploitation of child labour, consequential ill health and environmental damage. Please bring back your old appliances so we can recycle them properly here in the UK.”

It is hoped that the council’s efforts will see it being recognised once again at the Repic Awards.

The authority has already won five gold, four silver and one bronze awards from Repic in 2011/12, in recognition of its achievements in collecting more than 1,229 tonnes of electrical and electronic equipment.