Recycling scheme proves popular

THE POPULARITY of Angus Council’s recycling pilot, which is taking place in parts of Arbroath and Carnoustie and nearby rural areas, appears to be growing with usage.

And the authority has revealed that after about a month, more than 30 tonnes of food waste and 80 tonnes of dry recyclables have already been collected.

Neighbourhood services convener Councillor Donald Morrison commented: “The recycling pilot has now been running for approximately a month and I would like to thank householders in the trial areas for the way they are responding to the changes.

“There has been very high participation recorded in the new recycling services. This is a very encouraging start to the pilot and we will continue to monitor the process carefully.”

He continued: “The introduction of the pilot is an important step towards reducing landfill charges as well as helping residents to recycle more items more easily in Angus.

“Anyone wishing information about the recycling pilot should visit the council’s website at or call ACCESSLine on 08452 777 778.”

One householder, who believes that if we can help make the planet a better place for our children, then everyone should endeavour to do their bit, told us: “Although I had always previously recycled my bottles, papers and cans, I hadn’t really considered how much I wasn’t recycling until the trial began.

“My grey bin, which is now for all the recycling material, has been full on the two occasions it has been collected since the trial began, so the amount of rubbish that I wasn’t previously recycling must have been huge.

“Although I fully sympathise with issues which people may have - not fully understanding where items should be placed or lack of space because of the number of bins – I believe this is a fantastic initiative and one I would hope will be rolled out across Angus after the trial is completed.”

The reader added: “Looking at the amount of material I am recycling now has made me quite an enthusiastic recycler and it is also quite mind-boggling to think how much was previously going to landfill.”

Arbroath octogenarian Doug Paterson says the new bins are “No trouble at all” and he is managing fine with the help of an upstairs neighbour.

He explained: “My neighbour offered to help when the new system with four bins came into operation. The four bins were a bit confusing at first with a bin for food waste, one for plastics, one for household waste and a green bin for garden waste. However, with my neighbour’s help I am now managing fine.

“I still believe that there are too many bins as the two-bins system seemed to work fine for years.”

Ruby Rushton, Annfield Drive, Arbroath, is also getting used to the new system.

She explained: “When we first got the four bins there was a bit of a panic to know which bin went out on which day so I ended up looking down the street to see what bin my neighbours had put out.

“However, I have got into the way of it now and I am happy to do my little bit for the environment.”

She confessed that she was a bit put out when the biodegradable bags supplied by the council ran out. She explained: “I went to a local supermarket and priced them. They were £2.20 for 20 bags, which I thought was expensive.

“I went into the Access office and suggested that the council buy the bags in bulk and sell them more cheaply. However, the lady there said that as the scheme is only a pilot, she did not think that would happen. But if it was adopted and rolled out over Angus, she thought it would be a great idea.”

Mrs Rushton has now found bags in another store at a much more affordable £1.40 for 20!