Purple is the new black in recycling


Angus Council’s attempts to go green with multi-coloured recycling bins has left local residents divided.

The new recycling initiative has been rolled out to 8,500 households following a successful kerbside trial.

Changing the waste collection service is aimed at making it easier for people to recycle more materials at home and help boost the county’s recycling rate.

Reports from the council state that bin deliveries have gone smoothly in the main. A spokesperson said: “Such a large scale roll out of a new service can lead to minor teething problems and we have worked hard to overcome these and this has been helped by the positive attitude of residents.”

Making recycling simple together with the positive impact for the environment has garnered a positive reaction.

Resident Louise Park said: “ We have had this for over a year and once you get used to what goes in what bin, it works really well and I have noticed a great reduction in general waste which would have gone to landfill.”

Emma Smith from Cliffburn, who has been using the system for over a year, said: “Elsewhere they have been using them for even longer and even imposing fines to people who don’t recycle. If it’s doing something to improve the environment then surely that can only be a good thing.”

Not all residents feel the same citing the impact the new bins have on Arbroath’s streets and bin size as potential problems.

Resident Kelly Scott said: “The streets were already cluttered with grey bins that people can’t be bothered to bring in or have no place for. Now we have them and purple bins and food caddies.”

A spokesperson from the council said: “ We would like to thank residents for their co-operation and patience while we have been delivering the new bins.”