Minority ruin recyling efforts for the masses

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A year on from the roll out of Angus’ renewed recycling initiative areas of Arbroath are still experiencing problems.

Stinking waste and rubbish overflow from the communal bins in the Newton Crescent area is causing distress to those in the area.

Resident Mark Burnett said: “There are some people who do not segregate the bins correctly. Because we live in a rural area the rubbish attracts foxes and even rats.

“The bins have plastic lids and when the wind catches them, they lift up. This attracts birds that scatter the rubbish as well as causing it to spill out. The problem is there are children playing outside, also as the weather gets hotter the problem will only get worse. Everybody is suffering and it is a recurring problem.”

Mr Burnett feels he has been passed from pillar to post at the Council trying in attempts to speak to someone who can help with the issue.

A council spokesperson said: “A waste awareness officer and housing visitor carried out joint visits last week with the aim of speaking with residents about their waste management. A letter will also be delivered to residents shortly that contains information about recycling. We will also be carrying out a further door knocking to try to ensure that residents know what items to put in each bin. We also intend to put special locks on the recycling bins to ensure that the lids stay closed and bagged waste cannot be deposited.”