Huge waves pound Arbroath Harbour

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Arbroath bore the brunt of the storms sweeping Angus last week as heavy seas pummelled the harbour leaving some areas in need of repair.

A member of the public contacted the Arbroath Herald to draw attention to the damage resulting from the storms on Friday.

Worst hit is the area of the Inner Harbour wall adjacent to MacKay Boat Builders Ltd., where a section of the yard wall was demolished and monoblock paving nearby was uprooted.

The person, who did not wish to be named, said: “That sandstone wall has been up since 1840 and there’s now huge chunks out of it.”

Around 12 feet of the wall was brought down by the waves which topped the sea wall during the day.

Angus Council is responsible for the integrity of the harbour infrastructure, a spokesperson for the authority said: “We are currently assessing and reviewing the impact of the recent storms and will shortly be issuing a tender for repairs to the harbour infrastructure.”