Hidden danger in Lunan Bay dunes

Broken glass found at Lunan Bay.
Broken glass found at Lunan Bay.

Eco-minded volunteers were dismayed at the weekend to discover a dangerous case of littering during their beach clean.

On Saturday a stash of broken bottles buried in a dune was discovered by volunteers cleaning up the southern part of Lunan Bay under the auspices of the Marine Conservation Society.

A total of 1,877 items were collected by the 19 volunteers, including iron lobster pots, old sea defence scaffold poles, swimming goggles, paint brushes, with plastic the most prolific offender making up 1,511 of the discarded articles.

Linda Walker, one if the beach clean organisers said: “It was very successful and we cleaned up a lot of rubbish.

“During the collecting time, however, one young couple discovered some broken glass. They quickly realised there was a significant amount and spades would be required to dig it out.

“To our horror it soon became evident that someone had deliberately buried a cache of broken bottles which were a serious risk to wild life, children or anyone climbing the dunes.

“What mentality of person leaves a legacy of such appalling risk quite blatantly for harm to come to whoever stumbles over it beggars belief!”

It was suggested this cache was buried by youths who had been drinking there illegally, but how they all came to be smashed was not clear.

Linda said: “It could have been from youngsters who had been down drinking and had perhaps set them up and thrown stones at them, but we’ve never found any evidence of that.

“It’s quite strange.”

She added: “At this point I don’t really know what else to do.

“We’ve put up sticks around it and we are going to put up a sign warning people that there is broken glass there.”