Fund-raising group

FRIENDS of HOPE (Hospitalfield Organic Produce Enterprise) is a new organisation to boost the financial position of its parent, which provides training and work experience for adults with learning difficulties.

Letters are being sent to people who have supported HOPE over the years, inviting them to make a further donation, and reminding them that using the gift aid scheme means that HOPE can reclaim the tax that they have paid on their donation.

Local companies can take out corporate membership of Friends of Hope for £100. Chairman Dr Cedric de Voil said: “We are keen to increase the number of organic vegetable boxes this summer, so anyone interested can get details by ‘phoning the HOPE garden on 07963 322457.

“The vegetables are freshly picked on the day of delivery, and prices are comparable to those in local supermarkets.”

Produce can also be purchased at the garden between 2 and 4 p.m., Monday to Friday.

HOPE is holding a coffee morning on April 2 in the Old and Abbey Church hall.