Do you want to be a Friend of Keptie?

Keptie Pond, Arbroath
Keptie Pond, Arbroath

Angus Council is appealing for eco-minded Arbroath folk to help them protect one of the town’s popular beauty spots.

The local authority is considering the creation of a community group to help with keeping Keptie Pond in good condition.

In recent months the pond has been the subject of much local discussion, with particular reference to the algae and overall look of the pond.

As part of the council’s efforts at the pond they are looking to set up a Friends of Keptie Pond group as a result.

A spokesperson for Angus Council said: “The historic pond is a popular attraction in the town and there is some local interest in setting up a Friends of Keptie Pond group.

“We are keen to work with the local community, so if you are interested in joining the group, please contact one of our communities officers, Liz Begg, on or telephone 01241 438050.”

Macleod Consulting has been appointed by the council to carry out an independent environmental study on what exactly is affecting the pond and over the next few months further water testing will be carried out.

The spokesperson continued: “We’ll have the results of the survey by September and at that point we will consider the recommendations and identify what actions may be needed to improve the pond.”

Measures are alerady being taken to address the algae bloom and weed growth and it is understood that the low water level is the result of decreased ground water during the summer months.