Developer resolves Burnett Drive ditch problem

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A HOUSING developer has moved quickly to deal with a potentially dangerous ditch which was estimated to have five feet of water in it.

Andrea Slack, who lives in Burnett Drive, part of the new Stewart Milne development at Cliffburn, was worried about the area adjacent to her home and demanded action.

The mother of three young children, she told the Arbroath Herald: “I am sending in this picture as a concerned parent of three young children. It was taken last Wednesday evening at the bottom of Burnett Drive and shows a large ditch that has a drain at the very bottom.”

She continued: “I asked about this ditch when I moved in two years ago as did many other parents. My question at that time was will it be fenced off?

“I was told that Scottish Water had decided that there was no need for a fence as it was designed to cope with any excess water from the new houses which would be minimal.

“However, I am very concerned as last night it was at least five feet deep.”

She concluded: “All the children in the scheme have been warned about the dangers of playing near it, but it’s still a threat to our children.”

A spokesperson for Angus Council said: “We have passed this to the developer for urgent action to remedy the situation, as they are responsible for the drain until it is adopted by Scottish Water.”

Stewart Milne Homes North Scotland, commented: “The SUDS basin is designed and built in accordance with all relevant local authority approvals and has been functioning effectively since it was implemented about two years ago.

“The recent build-up of excess water was caused by an unknown third party having placed a hay bale in the basin. This has been removed and the water has dissipated and the SUDS basin continues to function correctly.”