Councillor slams beach fly-tipping

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ANYONE discovered fly-tipping on the beach in Arbroath will be made to pay for the clean up of their rubbish.

Angus Council spokesperson on environmental management, Councillor Jim Millar has slammed the recent dumping of plastic containers over the sea wall at Queen’s Drive.

He warned that if the culprits are discovered, the council will recover costs under the ‘polluter pays’ principle.

Councillor Millar said: “We received reports that 10 25-litre plastic containers which had formerly contained glass cleaning detergent had been dumped at Arbroath.

“The council has now disposed of these containers, but it is quite unacceptable that people should discard their rubbish in this way and pollute our beaches and water.

“If anyone can shed any light on this incident they should contact the council’s environmental management service.”

He concluded: “ If individuals or businesses require to dispose of bulky or multiple items, they should take them to our recycling centres for disposal or recycling, or should arrange for a special uplift by contacting the council’s ACCESSline on 08452 777 778.”