Compost sales will help council’s green agenda

MOVES to sell surplus compost produced from collected garden waste in Angus were agreed by Angus Council’s neighbourhood services committee at their meeting on Tuesday.

The sales will not only generate income but will also help the council’s moves to meet recycling targets and reduce waste sent to landfill.

The council was issued with the industry standard certificate of conformity for compost - PAS100 – in December of last year. This allows the compost to be regarded as a product rather than a waste.

Although much of the compost is required for capping at landfill sites and for use on grasslands and playing fields in Angus, there is still expected to be around 2,000 tonnes available for sale during the current financial year.

The surplus compost will be made available to the commercial market at £2 at tonne. The cost of sending this material to landfill would have been at least £64 per tonne, which is the landfill tax rate for the current financial year.