Company will pay

THE COST of repairing the mess at Victoria Park caused by the trucks from the Extreme Stunt Show which visited the town last week will be borne by the company and not Angus Council.

Many people were up in arms when they saw the deep imprints in the turf caused by the heavy vehicles after days and weeks of almost non-stop rain.

The event was hosted by Extreme Events Europe and featured monster trucks, motorcycles and mountain bikes as well as a human cannonball performance.

A spokesperson for Angus Council stated: “Reinstatement work began on Monday at Victoria Park following the visit of the monster truck entertainment.

“At this stage we are unable to put a figure on the cost of reinstatement of the ground, but the cost will be met in full by the company which hired the park for the entertainment.”

A spokesman for the company commented: “The decision to go ahead with the planned Extreme Stunt Show at Arbroath was not taken lightly by either the council or Extreme Events Europe.

“Many people had purchased tickets for the event and it was decided that it would be too disappointing to many families who had already booked for the show for it not to go ahead as planned.

“Extreme Events Europe had discussed reinstatement costs etc., with Angus Council before their arrival. Angus Council also expressed they would be happy to see the return of the Extreme Stunt Show next year, as the ground conditions were through no fault of the Extreme Team, but due to solely to unprecedented bad weather.”