Clampdown on litterbugs

ANGUS Council will take part in a Litter Day of Action on Thursday (June 7) to clamp down hard on people who blight the beautiful countryside, towns and villages of Angus with litter.

The Litter Day of Action, co-ordinated by the country’s leading charity for the environment, Keep Scotland Beautiful, aims to raise the profile of litter enforcement, stressing to the public that dropping litter is a crime.

Despite 66 per cent of the Scottish public being aware that a fixed penalty notice of £50 could be issued to those caught in the act, and 11,126 fixed penalty notices being handed out in 2010/11, many people still do not know of anyone who has been fined.

Angus Council staff will be out in force on Thursday issuing fixed penalty notices to anyone they see dropping litter, flytipping, or not picking up after their dog.

Chief executive at Keep Scotland Beautiful, Derek Robertson, said: “This is the fifth Litter Day of Action to be held in Scotland, and we applaud the joined-up approach to raising the profile of litter enforcement.

“Unfortunately 46 per cent of people surveyed recently admitted to still dropping litter but, with a combined approach of education, providing more bins, and the Litter Day of Action highlighting that you can and will get fined, our aim is to turn the tide on litter-dropping habits.”