Bins have been kept to a minimum says council

ANGUS Council has defended the number of bins handed out to selected homes in Arbroath that are taking part in a new kerbside recycling trial.

The trial began on Monday and it is now possible for more materials to be recycled at home.

A new purple bin as well as an outside and indoor kitchen caddy have been supplied to those taking part.

Last week the Herald reported that some people in the pilot areas were worried about having the space to accommodate the extra bins, with many taking to our Facebook page to vent their concerns.

However Angus Council has assured people on the trial that the number of bins has been kept to a minimum and compares favourably with those in other local authority areas.

The systems sees a smaller purple bin for general waste and a brown food waste bin, as well as a small kitchen caddy, also for food waste.

Householders are being asked to use their grey bin - currently used for general waste - for collection of glass, plastic bottles, plastic containers, cans, paper and cardboard.

And now more of those who are taking part in the scheme have took to the Herald Facebook page to praise the idea.

Sharon Reid said: “I think it’s a good idea and certainly worth a try.

“Well done Angus Council for trying to improve things. If it doesn’t work then I assume we’ll revert to the old way but let’s at least give it a shot.

“It’s only three bins and a little brown one isn’t it? The council are trying to improve things, hence the reason it’s a trial.”

Lynsey Dakers agreed and added: “The incentive should be to make the world a greener more economical place for future generations.

“There is no extra effort involved in the recycling other than opening the lid of a different bin and putting it out on the correct day.”

And Lisa Stallerbrass says she is finding the new system easy to maintain.

She explained: “My bin used to be overflowing on collection day. I am part of the trial and my general waste is full but it’s getting emptied this week, but have got loads in the recycling bin.”

The scheme is running in the Hospitalfield, Hayshead and Cliffburn areas of Arbroath as well as parts of Carnoustie.

The council say it will run for six to 12 months and if it is successful, will be rolled out throughout Angus.