Beach clean up after litter dumped

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People may have flocked to the beach and West Links at the weekend to enjoy the summer heatwave but some left litter strewn across the ground.

Cans, bottles and other plastic bags and wrappers were left across the beach by visitors who decided not to bin their rubbish.

There was also broken glass that had been smashed against the steps down towards the beach.

The state of the beach and West Links was a particular disappointment for locals who had gathered on Saturday for a beach clean up.

And also as Angus Council has installed new bins close to the brand new playpark for people to dispose of their rubbish.

One local man, who was walking at the West Links on Monday morning described the litter left as disgraceful.

He said: “After a fine weekend and on a fine morning my wife and I walked along the West Links at Arbroath, as we do frequently.

“The amount of litter was disgraceful, bottles, cans, food wrappings, plastic bags and other plastics and used nappies.

“The worst aspect was that some louts had thought it fun to break beer bottles on the concrete steps.

“Incidentally, my wife has just returned from a visit to Sidmouth in Devon and she told me that not only was the town completely litter free but so was the beach.”

It was also a similar story in Broughty Ferry with drinks cans and food containers dumped on the beach.

And the Castle Green has also been left with burnt patches of grass as people enjoyed disposable barbecues.

The local area has been enjoying warm weather for the past couple of weeks with temperatures reaching up to 25 degrees.

And the sunshine looks set to stay for this weekend and into the early part of next week.