Angus College looking to reduce carbon footprint

ANGUS College’s Arbroath campus may have appeared quiet from the outside over the summer months but on the inside it has been a hive of activity with a wide range of work taking place to improve facilities in preparation for the new academic year.

Students will be welcomed back over the next few weeks to find many refreshed teaching areas, stairwells and corridors which have been re-decorated.

Most notably this year’s intake of students will be the first to make use of a new state-of-the-art production kitchen which will serve the college’s professional cookery and culinary arts students.

The £200,000 cost of the kitchen refit was made possible by funding from educational trusts including The Savoy Trust, Robertson Trust, Mathew Trust, Northwood Trust and Garfield Weston Foundation. The layout of the kitchen has been designed with strong input from hospitality lecturers to ensure that the facility is purpose built for the needs of students.

Another improvement which took place over the summer was the draughtproofing of every window on the college campus to help reduce heat loss. This incentive is part of the facility’s carbon management plan to reduce CO2 emissions by 25 per cent over five years.

Furthermore all classrooms in the Clova building have been fitted with light sensors to help save electricity costs on lights being left on in empty classrooms.

Finally the college has also focused on improving the facilities available for local businesses including renovating several of the seminar rooms. These enhancements will be part of the business suite for an exciting new initiative - the Angus Centre for Enterprise. The centre will not only provide meeting room facilities for business but will also business training opportunities as well as lecturers and events focused around entrepreneurship.

Depute principal Jackie Howie said: “This summer we have really focused on improving the college environment and facilities for staff and learners. We have done this as efficiently as possible taking into consideration carbon management and our commitment to green issues where possible.

“This year we also have an exciting new addition to the college in the form of Angus Centre for Enterprise which will open in late September.

“We have invested in the enterprise centre facilities in order to support anyone who is looking to set up a business by providing mentoring, training and support.”