An Arbroath street struggles with recycling rubbish

Complaints from an Arbroath street emerged after rubbish was found strewn across the quiet cul-de-sac.

A local man complained: “Come and see for yourself. There is recycling and rubbish splattered all over the road.

“They [Angus Council] are going to have to send more bins up, there’s just not enough.”

An Angus Council spokesperson said: “We will be visiting the area to encourage more residents to utilise the recycling bins that have been provided to recycle their waste, which will alleviate the problem of overflowing bins. There has been a positive response to the first phase of the new kerbside recycling service with 24,000 households now able to recycle more of their waste in their recycling bins. We have collected approximately 400 tonnes of food waste and the amount of general waste has reduced by almost 40%.”

See below for a video of the overflowing bins and rubbish littered road. There was also signs of less used recylcing bins on the site.