A ‘bonnie boat’ returns to Keptie Pond

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A group of environmentally friendly ‘Friends’ have stuck their oar in and now Keptie Pond once again has a wee boat.

The Keptie Friends, who have been volunteering for some time now to look after Keptie Pond, recently acquired a small boat which they held a competition to name.

‘Skye’ was the winning suggestion, provided by former Arbroath-man Mick McCormack, who will receive £30 in Tesco vouchers and a copy of Wallace Ferrier’s ‘The Well Read Lichtie’ as a prize.

The Keptie Friends have been working hard lately on bringing the pond back to its former glory, but there have been setbacks.

George Park, from Keptie Friends, told the Herald: “We were saddened on Sunday to find that in areas of the pond, not previously visited, the blanket-weed was so thick it fouled the propeller of the boat.

“Although removal of fish from Keptie Pond is illegal, snagged fishing line was found in two locations suggesting that someone has been taking the large carp, whose numbers seem to be depleted.

“We must respect the breeding wildlife on the island so plans for a tidy-up of that area will now wait until the autumn. That will probably be the next appearance of the boat ‘Skye’.”

The Keptie Friends are on Facebook where they have a community of nearly 700 followers, and the page carries information about all of their activities for those interested in getting involved.