£250,000 contract agreed

CONSTRUCTION of a new sea wall to protect the West Links play area is to go ahead.

At a special meeting of Angus Council’s infrastructure services sub-committee in Forfar on Monday members agreed to list a new supplier to the roads division’s list of contractors and grant an exemption from council financial regulations to allow the new contractor to be added.

This will permit Covanburn Contracts Ltd., which is already undertaking a £500,000 upgrade to the West Links play park, to also undertake the sea wall work.

At a previous meeting members had heard that The Arbroath Flood Strategy had assessed fluvial and coastal flooding within Arbroath and its frontage. The strategy identified that most of the promenade and seafront is above the future predicted extreme sea levels.

However, exceptions to this include some of the quays at the harbour, and a short length of road in Victoria Park. The main potential flooding mechanism along the coast is from wave overtopping, which can at times present significant dangers to the public and adjacent infrastructure.

It was also revealed that, for the West Links area, a combination of a wave wall and rock armour revetment would reduce the wave overtopping to satisfy the target level of protection for the entire frontage for pedestrian safety in a one in 200 year event.

The play park is bounded by the seawall to the south, which is part of the area identified as at risk of wave overtopping in the Arbroath Flood Strategy.

It was agreed that a recurve wall contract be phased to coincide with the construction of the new West Links play area and that the work should be undertaken by the same contractor.

The director of infrastructure services, Mr Eric S. Lowson, explained: “This will minimise disruption to the public and ensure that the level of protection from wave overtopping is provided to the new West Links play area.”

Councillor Bob Spink said that it makes good sense and represents best value to address the problem of flooding in conjunction with the works at the new West Links play park.

He continued: “Overtopping is a problem which is recognised within The Arbroath Flood Strategy report which assessed flooding risk from both land and sea. One only has to look out the window to appreciate the climate is changing and that nationally flooding is a growing and serious issue we must address.

“Given the location of the new play park and other longer term amenities which have had to put up with this overtopping for years, it is most welcome that steps are being taken to alleviate the problem.

“With the popular marina at the harbour, the new visitor centre, the coming small boat slipway and the new play area all added to the existing attractions surely tourists and holidaymakers will find Arbroath a destination not to be missed.”