Enough is enough!

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TODAY the Arbroath Herald launches a campaign to rid our town’s streets of dog mess.

Many of our local thoroughfares are covered in dog deposits with owners failing to clean up after their pets.

Already the Herald has been flooded with letters and emails telling us where the worst offending streets are. And it seems a crackdown on people who don’t pick up after their dogs is what most people want.

One reader, who does not want to be named, stated that Palmer Street and Stanley Street were hot spots for dog mess.

And it’s not only dog fouling causing the problem.

Some owners are actually picking it up, using the bags and then dumping the bags in the street!

The reader explained: “A few weeks ago a dog litter bag was deposited on the pavement corner of Palmer Street and Stanley Street and, accidentally squashed, was an eyesore until removed more than a week later.

“Today two more such ‘parcels’ have been deposited at the same site.

“This is less than five yards from a disposal bin in Abbey Park, not to mention another within the grass area of Stanley Street car park. How lazy can you get?”

Another reader, Colin Nicoll, who walks his dogs at Elliot believes dog mess bags left dumped are a major problem.

He added: “Why, oh why, can’t the culprits walk that very short distance and use the bin?

“My only thought is they either have very clever dogs who can fill, tie and pile up their own bags, or the owners are tiny and can’t quite reach the lid of the bin!

“Please, whoever you may be, kindly stop this needless and wanton habit which is giving dog owners a bad name.”

Further afield in Friockheim, Jane Lyall explained: “I was walking my kids home from school and there were six piles in Lilybank Street both on the pavement and on the road.

“As children don’t often look where they are going, they often stand on it and not only is it disgusting and carries a great risk of disease it’s not the most pleasant thing to clean off shoes.”

Now we want to hear from you.

Anytime you see a town street that is littered with dog mess, let us know and every week we will print a list of the streets where you need to watch your feet.

Then let’s monitor the poo points and try to end this scourge of our streets.

And hopefully by highlighting the problem, owners will take more responsibility for their dogs.

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