‘Endurance’ takes to the water

editorial image

The crowds lined Arbroath harbour around MacKay’s boatyard this afternoon (Friday) as the first brand new fishing boat in 20 years was launched.

Inclement weather which had threatened to dampen proceedings cleared and the dedication and launching of ‘Endurance’ took place at 4 p.m. at MacKay Boat Builders.

Two-hulled catamaran ‘Endurance’ was commissioned by father and son George and Neil Patterson, is the first of its kind to be launched in 20 years and it will be used to catch lobster and shellfish.

A short blessing was given by Mike Sandison, superintendent of the Fishermans’ Mission in Aberdeen.

The traditional smashing of a champagne bottle against the hull was carried out by Neil’s mother Dyce Patterson and his sister Kathleen Shepherd.

Our picture shows George Patterson and daughter Kathleen Shepherd discussing where best to smash the bottle of champagne.