Emma’s a sight for sore eyes

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An Arbroath great-grandfather had a lucky encounter at the optician after a routine appointment ended up saving his sight recently.

In September Robert Stephen (83) went to Specsavers in the Abbeygate with an irritated eye, due he thought, to a piece of grit.

He was immediately seen by principal optometrist Emma McDonald who diagnosed Robert with angle closure glaucoma, a condition which could have resulted in permanent sight loss.

And the quick-thinking optometrist arranged for him to visit the ophthalmology department at Ninewells Hospital later that day during which he underwent laser treatment in both eyes to prevent further damage and stop the glaucoma recurring.

Understandably Robert was grateful for the quick-thinking action. He said: “I just thought I had something in my eye but it was quite red and sore so I went to Specsavers. I have been going to the store since it opened and felt confident I was in safe hands.

“The optometrist took me into the room and did all the tests on my eye and she said I needed to go to A&E. It was quite a shock as I didn’t think it was that serious, I just thought she would find whatever was irritating my eye.

“The treatment made a huge difference and Specsavers kept in touch to keep track of my progress, with Emma calling me a couple of days later to ask me how I got on.”

He continued: “I am just grateful to Specsavers, for picking up on the problem before it was too late and referring me on to the specialists for the help I needed.”

According to Emma McDonald it is very important that people keep a close watch on their eye health. She said: “Mr Stephen was right to come and see us when he did.

“It’s so important that if people notice a difference in their eyes that they make an appointment with their optician.”