Team-building session for students

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ARBROATH Fire Station’s Green Watch recently led a team-building session for a group of Social Care students from Angus College who were looking to promote the values required in their future careers by boosting confidence.

The students were given various tasks which would help them to identify each other’s strengths, as well as showing them how to work in a team whilst developing their leadership and planning skills. The team-building day was made possible by the Community Fire Safety Initiative which allows fire station staff to dedicate time to engaging the local community.

Social Care course leader Lesley McColl said: “The students had a fantastic time finding skills and strengths they never knew they had. For the Social Care students it also had the added bonus of raising their personal awareness around fire safety.

“This is of utmost importance given that they are preparing for careers to work with and support our more vulnerable community members. I would like to add my personal thanks to Green Watch manager, Billy McDonald and his team.”

l Our picture shows the students with members of Green Watch.