Students’ events raise awareness of domestic abuse


NQ HEALTH and social care students at Angus College hosted a full week of events dedicated to raising awareness of domestic violence. They hosted an information stand throughout the week and arranged fund-raising activities which included a raffle.

To round off the week of awareness raising the students ‘removed’ two volunteering members of staff and hid them at an unknown location within the Arbroath campus.

They asked staff and students for donations in exchange for their release and invited staff to bring in food supplies for the kidnapped volunteers. Kind food donations included tins of sardines supplied by the college caretakers.

Angus College course leader Sheilagh Webb said: “Well done to the students who raised a brilliant £295 this week. The members were really moved by all the issues surrounding domestic violence and took it upon themselves to organise this fund-raising week.

“All the funds raised will go to AWARE in Arbroath for domestic abuse where this money will help support this important charity.”

r Our picture shows students Katy Waddle, Cassie-Louise Miller, Sophie Forbes and Sam Ellis.