Silver medal for Anna

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A PUPIL from Timmergreens Primary School has been presented with a silver medal for her work on the Inspire-Aspire programme.

Anna Milne was one of the country’s brightest young people who welcomed the Olympic torch at Hampden Stadium last week and were awarded medals by former Olympian Liz McColgan.

The Inspire-Aspire Awards programme reached 35,000 young people this year by using the Olympic and Paralympic Games and the character qualities of Olympians to inspire young people to set personal goals and to develop future aspirations.

Anna chose Jessica Ennis as an inspirational figure as part of her work on the programme. Explaining the reasons for her choice, she said: “Jessica Ennis jumps 30cm higher than her own height and only six athletes can do so!”

Before presenting the awards, former World Champion and Olympic silver medallist Liz McColgan told a packed audience that it was inspiration from her coach and her determined work ethic which gave her the edge over more talented runners.

Anna explained how much of an impact participating in Inspire-Aspire has had on her. She stated: “I have learned a lot more about me and my athlete and I have thought more about what I want to be when I am older.”