‘Secret millionaire’ inspires college students


SECRET Millionaire’ star Tony Banks gave Angus College students an insight into his success with an inspirational presentation on Monday morning.

He revealed that he had risen from humble beginnings in Dundee to own The Balhousie Care Group, the largest independent care business in Scotland. Nearly 100 students crowded into the college Enterprise Centre to hear Mr Banks initiate them into the world of entrepreneurship, business and philanthropy.

But it’s not just Tony Banks who will be on hand to educate the students about their future potential. His talk kicked off a week of inspiring events designed to further equip students for the outside world and future employment.

Called ‘Motivate Me’, the college has worked hard to pull together an exciting collection of speakers and sessions for final year and Higher National level students.

The week is aimed at giving them a chance to meet real employers like NCR, hear inspiring speakers and join motivational sessions. They will also learn how to present their CVs in specially designed clinics and will take part in mock interviews with human resources and recruitment specialists.

For students progressing to higher education there will be university transition workshops and the chance to learn about life after college. Finally, after that there will be some good advice on how to cope with the stresses of assessments and exams and learn to wind down with relaxation techniques and Reiki sessions.

Marketing team leader Seonaid Ross said: “What makes this week special is that we’ve tailored it to students across all curricular areas, taking into consideration their different needs.

“For example, there’s a free first aid course for the more practical courses like construction and hospitality. So far, we’ve had a great response to ‘Motivate Me’ week.

“The students all know it’s tough out there, but this is the perfect opportunity for them to better prepare themselves and get ahead of the pack. We have worked hard to bring a varied portfolio together and one which we believe will inspire, enlighten and above all, motivate. I’m sure we’ll get some great results.”