Seal of approval for schools

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Angus Council this week gave the final go ahead on the proposals for new primary schools at Timmergreens and Warddykes.

On Tuesday the authority’s development standards committee met in Forfar and councillors gave the green light to the project, with some conditions.

This phase is expected to cost Angus Council around £10.6 million with construction understood to begin in October.

In both cases the existing schools will be replaced with state-of-the-art teaching facilities and while Timmergreens pupils will be decanted to temporary units at Muirfield Primary School the Warddykes build will take place to the west of the existing building, allowing the pupils to remain in situ.

The development standards committee agreed for a number of conditions to be met before construction began.

In both cases precise details of landscaping must be submitted in writing to the Planning Authority, along with precise details for boundary enclosures, paths, tracks, ground levels and surface water disposal.

Car parking also has to be provided in accordance with Angus Council car parking standards and Scottish Planning Policy.

In addition, ‘Sheffield’ type cycle racks or their equivalent, are to be provided at both schools at a rate of one space per 25 staff and pupils.

At Warddykes there were further conditions imposed with regards to vehicle access on Warddykes Avenue meeting council standards and the prevention of surface water discharging onto a public road.