Schools for the future in Angus

ANGUS Council’s director of education, Neil Logue, has been instructed to write to the Scottish government to request additional time to develop a specific proposal in response to a request for school building improvement projects for the third phase of Scotland’s ‘Schools for the Future’ programme.

Education convener Sheena Welsh said: “Our number one priority remains the improvement of primary school buildings in Arbroath. There is already a related commitment in the council’s financial plan.

“Because of the decision of the council on May 24 to consult fully with the people of Arbroath to find out their wishes, the director has been asked to write requesting an extension to the deadline for bids to allow us to make a fully informed decision.

“It might be possible to submit bids in respect of a primary school in Arbroath and one of our secondary schools, for example, Forfar Academy which has been identified as the Angus secondary school in greatest need of replacement.”

She concluded: “Any specific project, which is eligible for funding from this national programme, would be subject, of course, to consultation with the relevant school communities and the wider local community.”