School review taking place

THE JUDICIAL review of the Scottish Government’s decision to throw out the plans for a new £8 million school in Arbroath is being heard at the Court of Session in Edinburgh today (Thursday) and tomorrow (Friday).

The review centres on Angus Council’s bid to close both Muirfield and Timmergreens primaries and merge them on a new site near to Hospitalfield House off the Westway.

The authority had approved the plans last year, but the education secretary, Mike Russell, called them in for review and eventually rejected them.

However, the local council decided to contest his decision and the judicial review starts today.

But some are angry with the money being spent on the process, as the review falls on the same day as local elections and depending upon the new make-up of the council, the outcome may not even be carried out.

However, despite the hearing taking place today and tomorrow, a judgement in the case is not expected to come quickly.