Project given green light

Hayshead Primary School.
Hayshead Primary School.

The full Angus Council has voted to press ahead with the second phase of the Arbroath Schools Project to build a new Hayshead Primary.

The decision on whether to build the £9 million school had been referred to the main meeting from the education committee by Arbroath councillor Ewan Smith.

As reported in the Herald last month, Councillor Smith was concerned the finance was not in place to fund such a project.

He was backed by fellow councillor Bill Bowles, with the pair both saying they wanted better school facilities.

But they were concerned capital projects would have to be abandoned to fund the new school.

However, assurances were given that this would not be the case and that funding could become available from the Scottish Government.

Elected members then voted 26-3 in favour of approving the Hayshead plan.

In a report given to the education committee last month, it outlined that the council hoped to begin the process of designing and developing the new Hayshead next April.

This could be followed by construction starting in December 2015, and full completion in December 2018.

It also said the new building would accommodate up to 444 primary pupils and 40 pre-school places.

There would also be accommodation for pupils who have additional support needs and areas for community use.

The first phase of the Arbroath Schools Project set to start construction next year will see replacement schools for both Timmergreens and Warddykes.