Mother’s concerns over schools plan

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Plans to move children between schools during the construction phase of Arbroath Schools Project have been slammed by a local mother.

Mrs Jasmyn Quigley’s daughter is a primary two pupil at Muirfield school and her mum, a clerical officer with Angus Council, believes that what the local authority is proposing will ruin her daughter’s primary school experience.

Mrs Quigley has written a letter detailing her objections and has e-mailed it to Angus Council and every local elected member.

She believes that the council’s plan is to close Muirfield Pre-school and move it to Ladyloan.

Her response is unequivocal. She stated: “Pre-school and playgroup children and parents form lasting friendships at this stage and give support to each other. This will not happen if you close Muirfield.”

Mrs Quigley also believes that the plan is to decant four schools to temporary buildings in the grounds of Muirfield for a period of four years.

Her comment was: “This has to be the most insane idea I think I have ever heard!”

She concluded: “I went to five different primary schools and I have set roots so my daughter can experience growing up with her peers in a secure and happy environment. This proposal is destroying both of those aims.”

A spokesperson for Angus Council responded: “The council can categorically assure parents that there are no plans to close Muirfield Primary School’s pre-school class and move it to another location.

“We are discussion with parents of children who attend the playgroup which meets in Muirfield Primary about how they can continue to be accommodated within the school.

“We will ensure that any pupils who are decanted during the construction period enjoy a good standard of accommodation, and that there will be no impact on the standard of teaching and learning.

“All these issues, along with transport proposals, will be covered at the engagement events being held by the council, and we would encourage parents and carers to come along and raise any issues they might have, and ask questions, about any aspect of the proposals.”