Ladyloan impresses school inspector

Ladyloan impressed.
Ladyloan impressed.

Arbroath’s Ladyloan Primary School and nursery class has received an excellent report from Her Majesty’s Inspector of Schools Susan Gow.

She commented: “During our visit, we talked to parents and children and worked closely with the headteacher and staff. We wanted to find out how well children are learning and achieving and how well the school supports children to do their best.

“The headteacher shared with us the school’s successes and priorities for improvement.

“We looked at some particular aspects of the school’s recent work, including improvements made to the school ethos and the ways in which parents are involved in children’s learning.

“We also considered how children’s individual needs are supported and how well they are learning. As a result, we were able to find out how good the school is at improving children’s education.”

She said that in the school and nursery class, children have a positive learning experience. Children in the nursery and P1 are highly motivated as learners and are gaining in confidence and independence.

Almost all children in the school are eager to learn and treat one another with care and respect. When given the opportunity, they work effectively in pairs and small groups and enjoy opportunities to cooperate with one another.

For example, children in P6 learning about Fairtrade engaged well to reach decisions and to justify their views.

Across the school and the nursery class, children are taking a growing responsibility for their learning. They are responding positively to the recognition given to their successes recorded in their ‘Wow’ books, wall displays and at assemblies.

She stated that the inspection found the following key strengths:

* The effective leadership of the headteacher and her positive impact on relationships with pupils, staff and parents.

* Inclusion of children who have additional support needs.

* Children who are eager to learn and to contribute to the inclusive ethos of the school.

* The high-quality pastoral care provided by staff.

* Positive learning experiences in the nursery and at primary one.

She stated: “We discussed with staff and the education authority how they might continue to improve the school and nursery class. “We agreed with them to continue to implement the school improvement plan to bring about improvement in the curriculum and to raise attainment.”

Ms Gow continued: “We are satisfied with the overall quality of provision. We are confident that the school’s self-evaluation processes are leading to improvements.

“As a result, we will make no further visits in connection with this inspection.

“As part of its arrangements for reporting to parents on the quality of education, Angus Council will inform parents about the school’s progress.”

Ladyloan headteacher Judith Reid commented: “The school is pleased to see the hard work of the pupils, staff, parents and the wider community recognised and is fully committed to taking forward plans to continue to improve outcomes for all learners.”