From lingerie to linguini!

Pauline Mustard celebrates her graduation.
Pauline Mustard celebrates her graduation.

Gaining an SVQ III in professional cookery has allowed one Arbroath businesswoman the chance to slip seemlessly from a career in lingerie to running her own restaurant.

Opening Missy Mustards in Arbroath was no small feat for Pauline Mustard, who was presented with her award at D&A College Awards Ceremony in the Caird Hall on Friday.

Despite working for years as a lingerie specialist the Angus resident always harboured a dream of some-day running an Italian-themed restaurant.

“As a single parent I had to work hard to make a home for me and my son, Tyler, and felt I couldn’t take the chance of trying to change my career path,” explains Pauline.

“When Tyler left home a few years ago, however, I felt it was my turn to spread my wings and enrolled at college.”

The inspiration for her business venture came from a working holiday about 30 years ago when Pauline visited Sardinia to work as a nannie for three months at age 19 – and ended up staying on the Mediterranean island for three–and-a-half years!

“I was working in the catering trade, cooking pasta for tourists and loved it,” said Pauline.

“So, despite not being 19 anymore, three years ago I came to college to gain the qualifications I knew I would need to run a restaurant in a professional manner.

“And just like all these years ago – I’m loving it.”

All the local graduates were as follows:

AAT Level 8 Diploma in Accounting

Claire-Louise McDonald, Carnoustie.

BA (Hons) Dance (Completion Award)

Rachel Auer, Carnoustie.

BA Design & Creativity

Elise King, Monifieth.

Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA)

Rory Duncan, Broughty Ferry; Matthew Jamieson, Broughty Ferry; Jennifer McCabe, Monifieth.

CIH Level 3 Diploma in Housing Practice

Stuart Valentine, Monifieth.

CIH Level 4 Certificate in Housing

Louise Hill, Arbroath

CIH Level 4 Certificate in Housing

Robyn Rae, Monifieth; Susan Smith, Auchmithie.

CIH Level 4 Diploma in Housing

Gail Leonard , Arbroath; Ross Lyons, Broughty Ferry; Kirsteen Soutar, Carnoustie; Elaine Swankie, Arbroath.

City & Guilds Level 3 MA Maintenance & Repair

Stewart Butchart, Monifieth; Scott McGregor, Broughty Ferry.

HNC 3D Design

Amy Forbes, Carnoustie; Naomi Harrod, Broughty Ferry; Gemma Spence, Arbroath.

HNC Accounting

Danielle Adamson, Carnoustie; Victoria Bodie, Carnoustie; June Brandie, Arbroath; Liberty Brown, Broughty Ferry; Louis Chesters, Broughty Ferry; Mark Finlay, Monifieth; Anna Kornas, Arbroath; Alena Leanovich, Arbroath; Jagoda Penkala, Arbroath; Stacy Quinn, Carnoustie; Leeann Russell, Arbroath; Beverley Smith, Kingsmuir; Louise Spink, Arbroath; Rachel Sym, Arbroath.

HNC Additional Support Needs: Supporting The Individual

Ashley Greenhill, Arbroath; Ann Mason, Broughty Ferry; Jacqueline Scott, Letham; Lesley Stephen, Arbroath.

HNC Administration & Information Technology

Holly Alexander, Monifieth; Deborah Brownlie, Broughty Ferry; Georgina Gunn, Arbroath; Lynn Kelly, Letham; Lucy Nicholl, Arbroath; Lornette Parker, Arbroath; Abigail Kate Sidgwick, Arbroath.

HNC Animal Care

Emily Jean Short, Broughty Ferry.

HNC Applied Sciences

Ashley Bewley, Arbroath; Kyesha Gibson, Broughty Ferry; Lee Jefferies, Arbroath; Laurie Thomson, Broughty Ferry.

HNC Business

Gemma-Louise Brown, Arbroath; Lachlan Brown, Broughty Ferry; Natasha Henderson, Broughty Ferry; Ellie Shepherd, Broughty Ferry.

HNC Care & Administrative Practice

Susan Arnold; Jill Beaton, AUCHMITHIE; Lisa Dodds, Carnoustie; Sarah Edwards, Arbroath; Kirsty Gall, Arbroath; Danielle Henderson, Broughty Ferry; Sarah Henderson, Arbroath; Hannah Morrow, Carnoustie; Sarah Raitt, Broughty Ferry; Vicky Urquhart, Arbroath; Graeme Waggott, Carnoustie; Rebeccalynn Wallace, Arbroath; Pamela Jayne Walsh, Arbroath.

HNC Computer Games Development

Fionnlagh McClymont, Craigton Of Monikie; Janek Uchman, Monifieth.

HNC Computer Networking

Adam Heenan, Broughty Ferry.

HNC Computing

Nathan Cassidy, Monifieth; Jamie Connelly, Arbroath; Richard Cook, Carnoustie; David Hendry, Broughty Ferry; Jamie Knight, Broughty Ferry; Zain Mahmood, Arbroath.

HNC Construction

Ryan Maguire, Broughty Ferry; Monika Masowa, Arbroath; Charlie Ness; Nicholas Scott, Auchmithie Todd Whyte, Carnoustie.

HNC Early Education & Child Care

Colette Abbott, Carnoustie; Rachel Addison, Carnoustie; Leanne Brown, Arbroath; Roseanne Clark, Arbroath; Shaunie Couttie, Broughty Ferry; Gillian Falconer, Arbroath; Chloe Ford, Arbroath; Jennifer Gower, Arbroath; Susan Harkins; Karen Moreland, Arbroath; Caroline O’Neill, Arbroath; Holly Robertson, Carnoustie; Alison Clark, Broughty Ferry; Jillian Colbron, Broughty Ferry; Chloe Connelly, Monifieth; Terri-Louise Douris, Monifieth; Susan Fenton, Broughty Ferry; Miloslava Grogan, Broughty Ferry; Shakira Hussein, Broughty Ferry; Rebecca Kirk, Broughty Ferry; Kirsty Thomson, Arbroath

HNC Engineering Mechanical

Andrew Gunning, Arbroath; Ryan Low, Arbroath; Liam Smith, Arbroath; Martin Spink, Arbroath.

HNC Engineering Practice

Brandon Montes, Arbroath; David Rankin, Carnoustie; Reece Baird, Arbroath; James Beattie, Arbroath; Callum Brown, Carnoustie; Graham Brown, Arbroath; Craig Cameron, Arbroath; Ben Fleming, Arbroath; Marc Gillan, Arbroath; Alasdair Harris, Arbroath; Scott Martin, Arbroath; Liam McKenzie, Arbroath; Douglas Pearson, Arbroath; Adam Ross, Arbroath; Marc Scott, Arbroath; Thomas Sinclair, Arbroath; Allan Smeaton, Arbroath; Jamie Spence, Arbroath; Kevin Stewart, Arbroath; Andrew Swankie, Arbroath.

HNC Engineering Systems

Lewis Bruce, Monifieth; Thomas Forster, Broughty Ferry; Lee Mayes, Broughty Ferry; John Miller, Monifieth.

HNC Events Management

Chantelle Couttie, Broughty Ferry; Jo Duncan, Carnoustie.

HNC Hairdressing

Susan Clark, Carnoustie; Emma Sutherland, Monifieth.

HNC Hospitality

Siobhan Rennie, Carnoustie.

HNC Interactive Media & Web Development

Caitlin Ferguson, Arbroath.

HNC Petroleum Engineering

Kerr Feighan, Arbroath; Philip Smith, Carnoustie.

HNC Photography

Ailsa Kerr, Monifieth.

HNC Professional Cookery

Stuart Frier, Carnoustie.

HNC Retail Management

Mikaella Bruno, Broughty Ferry.

HNC Social Care

Victoria Ann Anderson, Arbroath; Danielle-Leigh Emmerson, Arbroath; Tracy Maxwell, Arbroath; Kadi McMillan, Carnoustie; Danielle Ross, Arbroath; Claire Stewart, Broughty Ferry; Ross Warwick, Monifieth; Dermot Whyte, Arbroath; Lesley Wilson, Carnoustie; Amy Woods, Broughty Ferry.

HNC Social Sciences

Lucy Berry, Letham; Beth Callon, Arbroath; Chelsea Cant, Carnoustie; Ben Lawrie, Monifieth; Euan Lowe, Broughty Ferry; Bianca Lyall, Monifieth; Louise McLean, Arbroath; Fraser Willox, Arbroath.

HNC Sports Coaching & Development

Nicky Moir, Arbroath; Laura Parsley, Arbroath; James Paton-Carstairs, Carnoustie; Laura Younger, Monifieth.

HNC Textiles

Chloe Dixon, Carnoustie; Aimée Keatch, Broughty Ferry; Leigh-Anne Morrison, Arbroath.

HNC Travel & Tourism

Joanne Foy, Monifieth; Jessica Miln, Monifieth.

HND Accounting

Claire Anderson, Broughty Ferry; Zain Chachia, Broughty Ferry; Mohamad Esmail, Broughty Ferry; Khaleel Gani, Broughty Ferry; Yusuf Karim, Broughty Ferry; Petya Petrova, Carnoustie; Jacek Sikora, Arbroath; Fraser Smith, Broughty Ferry.

HND Acting & Performance

Daniel Hird, Broughty Ferry; Lauren Smith-Leslie, Broughty Ferry.

HND Administration & Information Technology

Wendy Dalgarno, Arbroath; Lesley Forbes, Arbroath; Christopher Hills, Monifieth; Rachelle Robertson, Carnoustie; Lindsay Scullion, Arbroath; Caroline Simpson, Carnoustie; Sharlene Smith, Arbroath; Kirsten Thomson, Arbroath.

HND Advertising & Public Relations

Samantha Coates, Carnoustie.

HND Animal Care

Loraine Kidd; Rosie Letham, Deanna McMullen, Arbroath; Nicole Phillip, Arbroath; Michaela Shackell, Arbroath.

HND Architectural Technology

Christopher Gilray, Broughty Ferry; Celina Masowa, Arbroath; Emma Pirie, Broughty Ferry.

HND Beauty Therapy

Michelle Edelston, Carnoustie; Kimberley Harvey, Carnoustie; Ailsa Moir, Broughty Ferry; Kimberly Reid, Broughty Ferry; Samantha Webster, Arbroath.

HND Biomedical Sciences

Angela Black, Broughty Ferry; Simon Boyd, Monifieth; Andrew Kidd, Carnoustie; Caitlin McKay, Broughty Ferry; Kimberley Morrison, Arbroath.

HND Business

Connor Berg, Carnoustie; Maria Duffy, Monifieth; Deborah Hogan, Broughty Ferry; Laura Jackson, Broughty Ferry; Stuart Lumsden, Carnoustie.

HND Civil Engineering

Ross Chatterton, Broughty Ferry; Dean Hill, Arbroath.

HND Coaching & Developing Sport

Kyle Burwood, Carnoustie; Arran Donald, Broughty Ferry; Rachael Falconer, Broughty Ferry; Amy Groves, Broughty Ferry; Brian Harris, Broughty Ferry; Rachel Hunter, Carnoustie.

HND Computer Arts & Design

Kyle Crighton, Arbroath; Nathan Martin, Carnoustie; Alexander McWhirter, Carnoustie; Lauren Rankin, Monifieth; Lisa Rankin, Monifieth.

HND Computer Networking & Internet Technology

Glen Gauld, Letham; Simon Larg, Carnoustie.

HND Computing Software Development

Alan Fordyce, Broughty Ferry; Michael McDonald, Broughty Ferry.

HND Computing Technical Support

Rickie Evans, Arbroath; Callum Falconer, Arbroath; Michael Fletcher, Arbroath; Stefan Mackie, Monifieth; Paul Smith, Broughty Ferry; Sean Smith, Letham.

HND Contemporary Art Practice

Sheila Barstow, Carnoustie; Avril Cunningham, Monifieth; Mhari Davidson, Arbroath; Rebecca Gee, Carnoustie; Richard Gibson, Carnoustie; Gareth Gough, Arbroath; Stuart Gray, Broughty Ferry; Sophia Hanson, Arbroath; Lauren McNee, Arbroath; John Taylor, Arbroath.

HND Engineering Systems

Steven Kerr, Broughty Ferry; Calum Mckay, Broughty Ferry.

HND Events Management

Gavin Aitken; Lauren Arnot, Monifieth; Travis Grimmond, Broughty Ferry; Faye McGregor, Monifieth; Michael Spurway, Arbroath; Sophie Stokes, Broughty Ferry.

HND Hospitality Management

Damian McDonald, Arbroath.

HND Information Systems Technology

Fraser Clark, Carnoustie; Adam Paul Gummer, Arbroath; Robert Shand, Carnoustie; Graham Whyte, Arbroath.

HND Interactive Media & Web Development

Lee David Cunningham, Arbroath; Nicole Richardson, Carnoustie; Arron Ritchie, Arbroath; Arlene Salvona, Arbroath; Kyle Scott, Arbroath; Julia-Ann Smith, Arbroath.

HND Retail Management

Megan Crookston, Carnoustie; Kirsty Stewart, Broughty Ferry.

HND Social Sciences

Theresa Beal, Arbroath; Christine Black, Monifieth; Craig Donaldson, Arbroath; Gemma Goodrum, Arbroath; Rachael Greenhill, Carnoustie; Miranda Grieve, Carnoustie; Ben Henderson, Carnoustie; Lesleigh McAdam, Carnoustie; Abbey Milne, Arbroath; Alexis Stark, Arbroath; Conar Taylor, Arbroath; Amy Whyte, Carnoustie.

HND Sports Coaching & Development

Matthew Barr, Carnoustie; Owen Bryce, Arbroath; Ewan Duthie, Arbroath; Ayden Greensmith, Monifieth; Holly Nicole Lamb, Arbroath; Craig Milne, Arbroath; Corey Pinder, Arbroath; Ramunas Sadas, Arbroath; Thomas Sykes, Arbroath; Jordan Young, Arbroath.

HND Textiles

Sarah Watt, Arbroath.

MA Level 3 Hairdressing - City & Guilds

Deneka Greensmith, Monifieth; Michelle Johnston, Broughty Ferry; Stephanie Mitchell, Broughty Ferry.

PDA Certificate in Carpentry & Joinery

Scott Cummings, Arbroath; James Kidd, Broughty Ferry.

PDA Certificate in Painting & Decorating

Grant McIntosh, Arbroath

PDA Childhood Practice

Niamh Arbuckle, Carnoustie; Ashley Christie, Arbroath; Caroline McDiarmid, Broughty Ferry; Stacey Myles, Broughty Ferry.

PDA in Brickwork

Jake Black, Arbroath; Cameron Campbell, Monifieth.

PDA in Engineering Practice: Engineering Maintenance

Stuart Sweeney, Carnoustie; Joshua Wright, Arbroath.

PDA in Engineering Practice: Engineering Manufacture

Ben Gibson, Arbroath; Calum Kinnear, Arbroath; Joshua Law, Arbroath; Sean Smith, Arbroath; Cameron Spink, Arbroath; Graeme Sutherland, Arbroath.

PDA in Engineering Practice: Fabrication & Welding

Steven Sterricks, Arbroath.

PDA Internal Verification of Workplace Assessment

David Mckenzie, Broughty Ferry.

PDA Teaching in Further Education

Emily Hossain, Monifieth; Richard Lockhart, Broughty Ferry; Elaine McGinnis, Broughty Ferry; Ian Wyllie, Monifieth.

PDA Workplace Assessment Using Direct & Indirect Methods

Christine Fyda, Broughty Ferry; Alan Lowe, Monifieth; Claire Mackenzie, Monifieth; David Mckenzie, Broughty Ferry.

Sage Payroll

Deborah Brownlie, Broughty Ferry; Adele Davidson, Broughty Ferry; Hayley Dougherty, Arbroath; Alison Goodfellow, Monifieth; Carla Kydd, Broughty Ferry; Petra Lauchlan, Broughty Ferry; Carly Strachan, Broughty Ferry.


Chris Nicol, Arbroath; Greg Norval, Arbroath; Scott Stewart, Monifieth.

SVQ Level 3 Children’s Care Learning & Development

Rachael Redfern, Monifieth.

SVQ Level 3 Fabrication & Welding

Nathan Bowles, Carnoustie; Jack Stott, Arbroath.

SVQ Level 3 Facilities Management

Joanne Dewar, Arbroath;

SVQ Level 3 Health & Social Care Adults

Susan Grassie, Carnoustie; Vivienne Hutchison, Monifieth; Lorna Robertson, Monifieth; Rachel Scott, Carnoustie.

SVQ Level 3 Health & Social Care Children & Young People

Marc Allardice, Broughty Ferry; Carol Morgan, Broughty Ferry.

SVQ Level 3 Healthcare Support (Clinical)

Caroline Cargill, Arbroath; Alison Lamb, Broughty Ferry; Peter Mearns, Carnoustie.

SVQ Level 3 Personal Trainer

Lois Simpson, Arbroath; Raymond Simpson, Arbroath.

SVQ Level 3 Playwork

Pauline Anderson, Carnoustie; Ann Margaret Crabb, Carnoustie; Karen Falconer, Arbroath; Colleen Gall, Broughty Ferry; Patricia Walker, Broughty Ferry.

SVQ Level 3 Plumbing Modern Apprenticeship

Andrew Mackie, Broughty Ferry; Sean McGrady, Auchmithie; Marc Nicoll, Carnoustie; Steven Raitt, Broughty Ferry; Robbie Whyte, Broughty Ferry.

SVQ Level 3 Professional Cookery

Marc Gibson, Arbroath; Michael Hampton, Broughty Ferry; Brett McPike, Arbroath; Hugh Stewart, Arbroath; Daniel Alexander Thomson, Arbroath.

SVQ Level 3 Professional Cookery (Patisserie & Confectionery)

Cherri Tennant, Carnoustie.

SVQ Level 4 Health & Social Care Adults

Elizabeth Myles, Arbroath; Kateryna Ross, Monifieth.